( The Ultimate Aquarium lighting system )

The Lumen Aqua LED lighting system is the ultimate Aquarium Lightning system for the future. Lumen Aqua LED lighting system will change the way Aquarium hobbyists light up their fish tank in the future. It is designed to replace Metal Halide and traditional Fluorescent lighting where high intensive lighting is required.

Until the introduction of LED lights into the aquarium hobby, Aquarium hobbyists have limited choices of two major forms of lighting for Fresh water / Marine aquariums; Fluorescent tubes/ power compacts, and metal halides. Fluorescent /Power Compact lights have been widely used on planted and soft coral type reefs where lighting needs are low. Whereas for corals keeper, they may have used power consuming metal halide for good coral coloration and growth , but the high intense light emitted by MH has also produced alot of unwanted heats and high enery consumption. Many reef and aquatic plant keepers have supplemented metal halide lighting with actinic power compact lights for a couple of reasons - to supply the 20,000k blue light which satisfies the light needs of symbiotic algae, and to give night moon light effect, for viewing night creatures.

Lumen Aqua Sunshine

RTG Arowana under Normal T 5 lighting

** Colour of fish is not being brought out fully.
RTG Arowana under LumenAqua LED lighting

** Brighter and 100% brings out the red colour of this fish!

Today, with the introduction of the revolution LumaAqua LED lighting system, things will not be the same again. The possibility of owning the Ultimate Aquarium lighting at more affordable price is here!! LumenAqua uses about 40% lesser energy than conventional 400W Metal Halide, and the life span of a LED bulbs is approximately 50,000 hours ( 5 to 10 years base on 12 hour / days ). It will almost eliminate the need for replacing your light bulb again!!

Traditional lighting source also generate heat which affects the surface temperature of the aquarium, but with the utilization of LEDs on the Lumen Aqua system, it greatly reduces the effect of heat transfer into the water . As such, this has also indirectly eliminated the need for Chillers or reducing the amount of time required to kick in to chill the tank which saves even more energy over traditional lighting methods.

Metal halide lights has always been the lighting choice for many hard coral reef keepers because of its high light output. Metal halide bulbs are mainly available in 10000K, 15000K, and 20000K. (K = Kelvin = which is the color temperature of the light.) The higher the Kelvin rating the more blue light is the lower more white.

However, with the introduction of the Colorcon function on the Lumen Aqua, it allows user to adjust the lighting to any color temperature ranging from 2,000K ( Warm white ) to a 20,000K ( Cool White ) effect which will meet demand for all corals and Aquatic plants. In additional to color temperature control, Colorcon is also designed with touch panel abilities, “ etouch”, for ease of use. With the use of adjustable RGB LED illuminative lights, user is also able to adjust the color of their aquarium using “ etouch” according to the mood and altering the wavelength to optimize the cultivating condition of the aquatic life form and to enhance vibrancy of fish color.


Specially designed for Marine / Freshwater aquarium
Large-polyp stony (LPS) Corals, planted tank, Fish only tank (FOWLR )


USD $ 700.00 (4ft- 46")
USD $ 500.00 (3ft - 36")
USD $ 350.00 (2ft - 24|")


Why LumenAQUA?
  1. Utilizes high brightness LED, saves energy, has an extended longevity, outputs low temperature, and can enhance the LED light and uniformly distribute the light source into the aquarium.
  2. Able to adjust to any color for the entire spectrum of light to meet the demand of the aquatic life forms.
  3. Meticulously engineered with a thermally efficient aluminum material and a high rotational fan to remove any problems formed with overheating issues.
  4. Adjustable RGB LED illuminative lights:
    a) Change the color of the aquarium according to the mood of the user with a specific color
    b) Alter the wavelength to optimize the cultivating conditions of the aquatic life forms
    c) Modify the LED to reflect vibrant colors off the fish scales of fluorescent fish, or arowana, etc.
  5. Traditional light source can affect the surface temperature of the aquarium, but LumenAQUA utilization of LEDs has minimal affect due to lack of temperature produced from the LED light.
  6. Protect the Earth from pollution! The regular light tube has traces of mercury coated on to its components and after discarding it, the bulb becomes a harmful pollutant to the Earth. LumenAQUA uses LEDs as its light source and it has no trace of mercury anywhere.

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LuemAqua Sunshine Products specifications

(4 Feet - 48")
Brightness: Approximately 2,400 Lux (Measured distance of 50 cm though a tank full of water)
Dimensions: 90 cm (Length) X 20 cm (Width) X 10 cm (Height)
Input Power Source: 100 - 240 Volts, 50 - 60 Hz, 2.5 A
Adjustable Color Temperature Range: 0 ~ 20,000 K
Power Consumption: 72 Watts (24 LEDs X 3 Watts / LED)
Output Power Source: 19 V, 7.89 A
Others: etouch ColorCon touch pad [Patent]

(2 Feet - 24")
Highest Illumination:
Approximately ~ 1600 lux ( 50 cm from the surface to the bottom of the tank.)
Color temperature:
0 to 20,000 K
Input power Source: 100 – 240V, 50-60 Hz, 2.5A
Output power source: 19V, 7.89A
Light Source: 16 pcs LED

** LumenAqua is currently available for a standard 3 Feet aquarium tank only.

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