Since the introduction of LED lighting in the aquarium industry, LumenAqua LED Aquarium Lighting has been rapidly changing the way advance hobbyist light up their aquarium.

With the increasing demand for brighter and stronger intensive LED lighting to meet the demand for corals, the new revolution LUMENAQUA Ocean LED lighting series is set to meet the HIGHER DEMAND for advance Reefer for higher demand of Aquarium lighting for their beloved aquarium keeping hard corals like SPS, without having to worry about the increasing electricity cost of maintaining the hobby.

It is specially designed to replace Metal Halide and traditional Fluorescent lighting where very high intensive lighting is required, and our new LumenAqua Ocean series produces a PAR light output levels which is equal to a 400W MH 12k, but uses 40% lesser energy than the 400W MH 12k fixtures it replaces.

High Power LED white lights enhancing coral growth

Separate White & Blue light for individual lighting control

Comparing with traditional lighting method, LEDs lighting produces little or no heat at all being transferred into the water, and it greatly eliminates the need for tank chillers or reducing the number of time your chiller required to kick in to chill the water.

With the dude button switch control, user is able to set individual timer control for White and Blue light on their tank. The new lumenaqua Ocean series is equipped with High power OSRAM LEDs and chip which if often considered as the " King of LEDs" in the market. Coral Growth and coloration has been stunning with the new Lumenaqua Ocean LED lighting, and there is excellent shimming effect and water penetration of the light .


LumenAqua Ocean Products specifications

Size / Length

Power Rating
Color Temp Control Buttom
24” ( 2 feet ) 40 W 1W white LED X 32
1W blue LED X 8 Osram Chips

12,000 K 2 button Control On/Off White and Blue LEDs
36” ( 3 feet ) 60 W 1W white LED X 48
1W blue LED X 12 Osram Chips

12,000 K 2 button Control On/Off White and Blue LEDs
48” ( 4 feet ) 80 W 1W white LED X 64
1W blue LED X 16 Osram Chips

12,000 K 2 button Control On/Off White and Blue LEDs

Specially designed for Marine / Freshwater aquarium
Small polyp Stony (SPS) Corals, large-polyp stony (LPS) Corals, Clam, planted tank, Fish only tank (FOWLR )


4 ft ( 42 ) USD 800.00
3 ft ( 36 ) USD 600.00
2 ft ( 24 ) USD 400.00

USA Design

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