Lumen Aqua Ultra Brite / RGB is the innovative and affordable muti-functional LED lighting system to suit the needs for all modern fish tank. The specially design not only be able to modularized to fit your need, it also help saving huge electricity bill by consuming lesser energy, emitting lower heat comparing to traditional fluorescent lighting . Energy consumption compare to metal halide 400W is only 50%

The programmable timer function allow user to adjust the day and night light according to unique condition of the fish tanks. With 5 sets of memories according to timer, user are able to recover the different required lights at any set of time respectively.

The Lumen Aqua Ultra RGB featured a user friendly control that allow the adjustment of color temperature according to one individual needs (6500k to 20000k). It allow automatic rainbow color change and sunshine simulation every 24 hours.

The Lumen Aqua Ultra Brite / RGB come with ultra bright white wide angle LED units which produce super brightness that reach 12,000 lux (under water 60cm). which is good for normal fish keeping , planted tank or LPS corals tank.

Like all LED lights, Lumen Aqua Ultra Brite / RGB LED Lights bulb is built to last at least 5 to 10 years further reducing the need for expensive bulb change. The lifetime of the LED lights is more than 20,000hrs (8hrs/day, can be use for 7 years). The money you save will pay for the light by itself!!

USA Design

Lumen Aqua Ultra Brite 24" ( 2 ft ): USD 1850.00

Lumen Aqua Ultra RGB 24" ( 2ft ) : USD 1560.00

Coral under Lumen Aqua Ultra Brite / RGB

Lumen Aqua Ultra Brite / RGB Features



Planted Tank under Lumen Aqua Ultra Brite / RGB

plant sps view

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